Charity Management

Charity Management

Being a charity brings benefits for an organisation but also responsibilities. Our Governance and Charity Advice Service offers information and practical help for charities on a wide range of topics.

Q: Can you help us become a charity?
Making the decision to become a charity can be a tricky one. Our support team are able to help talk you through the process and the responsibilities of registering as a charity. We can also support you to make any necessary changes to your constitution.

Q: How can you help some of the trustees who aren’t too sure of their responsibilities?
We provide training in charity management and trustee responsibilities. Call us and we can arrange this.

Q: We have an OSCR annual return form and don’t know how to fill it in – can you help?
Yes, please call us and we will talk you through filling it in.

Q: We have a letter from OSCR saying we are a defaulting charity – what should we do?
Don’t ignore it. This means that you have failed to register your annual returns and accounts with them and you are in danger of having your charity number removed. We will be able to help you sort through what needs to be done and get things up to date.

Q: We want to make some changes to our constitution – can you help us?
Yes we can. As a charity, you often require OSCR’s permission before you make changes, so it’s best to give us a call and chat through your plans as early as you can.

Q: Can you help us dissolve the charity?
If you decide that you want to wind up the charity please get in touch. We can help you through the steps you need to take and the forms you need to complete to meet OSCR requirements. This service is free to small charities.

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