Training Needs Assessment & Bespoke Design

Training Needs Assessment & Bespoke Design 

Reviewing the learning and development needs of your staff, volunteers and trustees is crucial in a developing organisation.  Our training team have a wealth of experience in needs analysis with organisations of all sizes and across all levels of an organisation – organisation, team and individual.  We can map your needs against a range of national occupational standards and competencies and help you to plan how best to address your gaps.

Q: Why would we need a training needs analysis?

A Training Needs Analysis can helping you investigate the training and development needs of your people so that they and the organisation can make the most impact. We can work with you to design the approach that suits your needs best.

Q: Can you carry out a training needs analysis for us?

Yes we can. We have experience of working with organisations of various sizes and in various sectors and would be happy to chat with you about what we could do.  We can provide the analysis, a detailed report and action plan all for a competitive fee. We can help you to source funding to meet the cost.

Q: Should we be doing more with national occupational standards in training and development?

We think that you should. It can be rewarding both for your staff and for the organisation to be able to show just how competent and effective your organisation is in its field. Our staff have experience of working with a range of competence frameworks and national occupational standards.

Q: Our work crosses a number of different occupational standards, how can we choose which one to use?

Our staff team can help you to identify the standards that apply and if necessary build those into a bespoke framework just for your organisation.  There is a charge for this service but we can help you to source funding to meet the cost.

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