Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is of a West Dunbartonshire where everyone can contribute their enthusiasm, skills and  drive, improving quality of life and opportunity in our communities.


To encourage, develop, promote and support individual, community and economic development; to foster talent and enthusiasm and assist its application throughout West Dunbartonshire to advance a vigorous and diverse Third Sector; to improve quality of life; to do so in partnership; to do so with maximum social benefit.


  • Volunteering provides opportunities for everyone to develop their community and themselves.
  • Every person in the community deserves the right to volunteer and participate in their community and be supported in and respected for this. In pursuit of equality, equity, justice and valuing diversity, West Dunbartonshire CVS opposes discrimination on any grounds.
  • Third sector activity is a driving force for positive social and economic change. West Dunbartonshire CVS is committed to the promotion and support of collective community action, both geographically and issue-based, informed by the experiences of the community and an analysis of circumstance and opportunity
  • Creativity and enterprise should be appropriately supported and resourced but must at all times remain the property of the community.  West Dunbartonshire CVS will be open to new ideas, concepts and methods of working, adopt a partnership and community development approach wherever possible to facilitate a sharing of ideas, knowledge and learning


  • We will promote and celebrate the contribution and value of volunteering in all of its diversity to individuals, communities, causes and society as a whole
  • We will work engage with others in effective communication and consultation and value working in partnership with other to increase effectiveness wherever we can
  • We will use impact and outcome based monitoring and evaluation tools to evaluate, both qualitatively and quantitatively our sectors effectiveness and reach
  • We will strive for excellence in all we do in order to provide high quality and effective leadership, representation and service to the sector
  • We will conduct our affairs in an honest, open, transparent and accountable way
West Dunbartonshire CVS is a company limited by guarantee
Registered in Scotland No. 221005
Recognised by OSCR as a Scottish Charity No. SC032003