One of our most popular areas of enquiry is around funding.  Whether you are trying to secure start-up funding, fund a new project or look at how to become more enterprising, our support team are here to help. There is more competition for grant income than ever before so having support to identify the most appropriate funders at the right time is vital.  Our team are able to help with all aspects of your funding needs, including:

  • guidance on developing a strategic approach to fundraising
  • identifying income sources from grant-makers, the general public and charity trading activities
  • providing speakers on fundraising or facilitating workshops at conferences and seminars
  • representation on grant-making initiatives on behalf of the sector.


Can you help us with fundraising?

Our team has experience of direct fundraising so we can help support you to develop your own fundraising ideas and give you pointers on any legal requirements you might need to consider.

We also run a half-day training course on ‘Fundraising for Yourself’ which you could access. There is a small charge for this course.

We think we might need ‘things’ rather than money – can you help?

Yes, we can. Larger organisations, agencies and private companies often approach us to ask about donating furniture, equipment or time to local organisations.  If you are interested in this please get in touch and we will send you a form to complete and email back to us. We will then contact you when we receive any items that match your entry.

How can you help us secure funding?

Get in touch to make an appointment to attend our weekly support surgeries – evening and weekend appointments can be arranged on request.

The aim of the surgery is to directly support you to complete a maximum of 2 small grant application form(s) – on the day if possible. If you are comfortable applying without direct support from us, we can produce a list of potential project funders for your project.

To make the best use of the surgery time, it’s good if you have some information about costs and details available before you come along. We usually ask that at least two members of the committee attend the surgery meeting.  We will call you prior to the surgery to talk through your needs and get the information we need to locate the best funder for you.

What support can you give to larger applications?

If you have a larger application (more than £10,000) in mind, call or email us and we can arrange to meet with you to discuss what you need.  We can help you to compile the information you need to submit a strong application and give it the best chance of success. We can also review applications before submission just to make sure you have completed everything accurately. This service is free of charge. If you wish us to write the application for you, this will incur a small fee.

Can you help us to cost projects?

Yes, at our weekly surgeries we can help you to work through the planning and costing of your projects. We will also run through our ‘ready to apply’ checklist with you to make sure you have everything in place to start making applications.

Can you help us with applications to charitable trusts?

Yes, our support team have experience of this and will be able to help you with this. Many trusts do not use application forms and rely on a letter of approach. We can help you to put this together so that you get your key messages over quickly and effectively.

How does the Community Chest Grant Scheme work?

WDCVS operates and manages the Community Chest small grant scheme in conjunction with West Dunbartonshire Council.  This scheme offers small grants to locally based organisations and has an annual budget of around £65,000. The general maximum grant is £5000 but most grants are under £1000.

So that we can ensure that the budget goes as far as it can and that groups can access the money they need to be successful, all groups wishing to apply to the fund will first be asked to attend a surgery appointment.

We are planning a large project and need a funding strategy – can you help?

Larger projects can take a while to plan and fund so a funding strategy is key. We can help you to think this through and put into place. This can take some time though so please get in touch at least 9 months before you need the funding in place…some larger funders can have up to a 5-month assessment process.

How can we become involved in consortium bids and approaches?

We are keen to develop more consortium bids in West Dunbartonshire. If you are interested in this, please contact us and register your area of interest. We will introduce you to other organisations in your field of work and can help support the development of partnership agreements and joint bids.

Can you help with sourcing loan funding?

Yes, we are happy to chat through this with you and can signpost you to partner organisations.

We would like to look at contracting and tendering, can you help?

Yes, we are happy to chat this through with you. If you want to progress we can also healthcheck your organisation to make sure you have everything in place. We work closely with the WDC Economic Development Section and Business Gateway and will also link you in with them to make sure that you receive all of the information and support you need.

Do you support social enterprises?

Yes, we are keen to help increase the number of social enterprises locally. Social enterprises are eligible to access all WDCVS services. We also work closely with dedicated social enterprise support agencies such as Firstport, Senscot, DTAS and Just Enterprise.

If you need any additional information on anything featured on our website or just have a general query please use our contact form here.