Well-run organisations are more likely to be effective, responsive to opportunities, and sustainable.   Our support team can help you develop the policies and procedures you need and help build the skills of your committee members and trustees. We offer information and practical help about good governance on a wide range of topics.


We have some new committee members, can we access training?

Yes, we can provide organisations with the chance to attend committee skills sessions. This will cover roles and responsibilities, how to conduct and minute meetings and lots of helpful do’s and don’ts.

Can you help us become a charity?

Making the decision to become a charity can be a tricky one. Our support team are able to help talk you through the process and the responsibilities of registering as a charity. We can also support you to make any necessary changes to your constitution.

Can you help us review our constitution?

Yes, as part of our offer we can help you to review your constitution and structure to make sure it’s right for your needs. We can help you to consider options and we can draft your new governing documents for you.

We’re not sure what policies and procedures we need to have – can you help?

It can be a bit overwhelming to work out which documents and processes you need. Our support team can help you plan what is needed and work with you to draft the policy documents you need from our document bank.

How can we be sure our organisation is running well?

We want to help organisations run as well as they can. As part of our support, we offer a governance ‘healthcheck’ to identify your strengths and opportunities for development. This can be done in several ways – depending on what suits your committee best. After the healthcheck, we will support you to write a development plan to make sure you make the most of the review.  We will treat any information coming from the healthcheck confidentially.

Can you help us plan for our committee development?

Yes, we can help you assess the skills the committee has and the skills you think you might need for the future. This is usually done as a short development session with the group lasting a few hours. If you are interested get in touch.

Can you help understand our legal obligations?

We want to help organisations run as well as they can. As part of our governance healthcheck we can help you identify the obligations that apply to your group and help you put into place everything you need to meet them.

Can you help us develop a health and safety policy?

Yes, we can. We can help you think through what aspects of health and safety apply and what you need to do to be covered. This covers general health and safety, COSHH, manual handling, risk assessment, display screen equipment, PPE and lone-person working.  We can provide training in risk assessment and also offer low-cost first aid training for volunteers and group members.

Can we contact you if we have a crisis?

Yes, you can. Call us and we will arrange to meet with you as soon as we can. We will try to help you find an immediate solution and then also provide a package of support to help prevent the situation arising again in the future.

If you need any additional information on anything featured on our website or just have a general query please use our contact form here.