Quality Awards are a great way to demonstrate your values and competency as a provider of services in the community.  There are a number of different quality marks on offer. We can offer general quality support and also directly targeted for those wishing to be gain the PQASSO, EFQM, Quality in Befriending and Investing in Volunteers Quality Marks.

WDCVS run a half day Introduction to Quality briefing session four times a year – March, June, September, December.  This session allows you to identify what quality means to your organisation and to consider which of the quality marks would be best for you. This session is free of charge. Our support team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate options for your organisation – based on your organisation type, size, scale and budget. Most quality accreditations have a cost implication.


What’s involved in gaining a quality mark?

Generally, you will be required to show that your organisation has met certain standards and criteria. You will be asked to carry out a self-assessment and then gather evidence to show that these have been achieved eg. copies of policies in places, evidence of reviews, minutes of meetings etc.

Once we’ve chosen a quality mark – how can you help?

We can give general telephone support or help you gather the evidence you need for your submissions. General telephone support is free but charges are made for more direct support.

How long do quality accreditations last?

This can vary depending on the quality mark but generally, they are valid for a period of 3 years.

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