As the third sector interface in West Dunbartonshire, WDCVS has a key role in helping continually improve the representation of the sector at a strategic level. As a result of consultation with the sector in 2012/13, we have established a mechanism for taking this forward.  The full details of this are included in the document Making It Work.

The representation partnership has three levels of membership. Your membership level is decided by your organisation each year and you can opt for different levels of engagement across the 6 main policy themes.  Level 1 means you will receive information only. Level 2 means you will be more actively invited to participate in consultation and collaboration around your area of interest. Level 3 means you will be eligible to be elected/nominated as a representative for the sector in engagement with other bodies and agencies.  To be eligible for this level, your organisation must be a constituted body, operational in the West Dunbartonshire area and have been active for at least 12 months.  There is a maximum of 12 representative members per annum – one per organisation and this group of people are known as the Third Sector Partnership Forum (TSPF).

The TSPF is chaired by WDCVS who also provide the secretariat support. Representatives are voted into the position by the membership for their experience and agree to work within the aims and values of the partnership. Each member serves for a period of 12 months but can offer themselves for re-election.  In addition to the representative role, Forum members are also called upon by WDCVS to act as an executive grouping considering any general sector issues which may arise and where West Dunbartonshire CVS feels a broad representative perspective is required.

When is the Forum recruited?

This takes place in March each year.

Does the Forum link the sector to the Community Planning agenda?

Yes, WDCVS is a strategic member of the Community Planning Management Group representing the interests of the sector, through the CVS Chief Officer. The forum annually elects a deputy from within the TSPF to attend the meetings should the Chief Officer be unavailable to attend.  Forum members will also act as sector representatives on the Delivery and Improvement Groups.  A copy of the full community planning structure can be found here.

How often does the TSPF meet?

The TSPF will meet around 6 times per annum.  The agenda and minutes of the meetings will be posted on this website for information.

I have never had a representative role but would like to consider it, can you offer support?

Yes, we can. We offer all representatives the chance to attend representation skills training and can offer support to consider agendas and input in advance of any meetings you will be asked to attend.

Can I ask for issues to be raised at meetings?

Yes, nominated representatives would be happy to have your comments prior to attending the meeting. Please remember though that in most instances it would be inappropriate for an issue affecting or around a particular organisation to be raised at a partnership meeting.  If you wish to discuss such an issue please contact WDCVS and we will be happy to talk to you about how this can best be raised most effectively.

How will I know who the representatives are?

A list of the TSPF members can be found on the website and each can be contacted either directly or via WDCVS.

Is there a fee for representation duties?

No fee is available but out of pocket travel expenses can be reimbursed if your own organisation cannot meet these. WDCVS can also provide any printing and photocopying support you need.

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