One of the main ways that we try to engage with the third sector is through our policy and research work; by developing a strong evidence base on community and third sector issues and through working with the local sector to influence local decision makers.  In general, we pull together our activity under the key themes shown below.


We do it in a number of ways.  We use this page to highlight to everyone the key issues coming up – so please check back when you can for updates. Where issues will impact on a particular section of the local third sector we will also communicate more directly with you to bring the issue to your attention and ask for your feedback and comments – this will usually be done by email or by pulling together a focus group.  We aim to reply to every published consultation we are informed about from the West Dunbartonshire perspective and need your help and input to do that well.

What do you mean by policy?

Public policy is a set of ideas or proposals for action which ultimately lead to a decision by someone in power which impacts on the public eg. regulation, changes in law, spending priorities etc.  Much of the activity of the third sector is affected by such changes and part of our function is to keep you up to date with proposals and changes which could impact your work.

How can my organisation get more involved?

You can register an interest in being a regular member of local focus group and consultation events in any of the key policy areas shown above via our contact form.

How can I be sure that the consultation responses you submit will reflect our view?

When we submit a collective response, it is a collation of a range of various perspectives and views from across a range of organisations. You will understand that in a sector of over 900 organisations we are unlikely to have full agreement on any individual topic.   For this reason, responses will be from the perspective of the best interests of the third sector as a whole and but while we will always attempt to give a balanced perspective it will generally reflect the majority view.  Organisations can also make individual submissions in response to any consultation if you feel that this would be more suitable for your organisation. We can provide you help and support to do this if you need it.

Will we see the completed responses that WDCVS submit?

Yes, these will be uploaded to this site and links included in the e-bulletin.

Can you provide any support to us to campaign ourselves?

We can are happy to provide support to help you campaign on an issue which you feel is important. This could be by helping you pull together a survey, focus group or anything else you feel you need. We can also make sure that your message gets out to other local organisations with a similar interest so that you can work together.






If you need any additional information on anything featured on our website or just have a general query please use our contact form here.