We understand the value of research in presenting a strong sector position. WDCVS has an experienced research team and commits each year in its work plan to 3-4 large scale research exercises, to monitor the needs and impacts of the sector.  In addition, we undertake an annual sector Census, contacting all local organisations to gain information on the sector – our people, our income, our expenditure, our skill levels, our beneficiaries, our barriers and our aspirations. From this, we produce an aggregated report which is presented to local agencies and decision makers.


Can we suggest areas of research for WDCVS to pursue?

Yes, if you feel there is a key area of research activity we should be undertaking on behalf of the sector please let us know.

How can we get involved in the research if it’s of particular interest to us?

We always welcome working in partnership. We would be happy to look at co-authoring the research with you or integrating your organisation as a key consultee.  Alternatively, if appropriate we could look at supporting your organisation to deliver the research on our behalf.

How can we keep in touch with the research you are undertaking?

We will publish the details of our ongoing research on the website. If you are interested please get in touch – we are happy to talk you through the process and where we are. All research will also be published on the website when it is completed.

Will you also keep us up to date with any external research?

Yes, on occasion we do get approached by external bodies looking to include West Dunbartonshire in their research. We always try to ensure that we get information of this out to the sector but as we are not in control of the research or the time frames we are given this is not always possible.  Where we can we will make sure that the groups most affected by the research proposal are notified and involved as far as possible.  Details of this type of research will also be recorded on the site.

How will you contact me about the sector Census?

We will contact you by email or telephone and arrange a suitable time to go through the survey questions with you. It generally takes around 15 minutes to complete. The census generally takes place every 12 months. For groups that we have had regular or recent contact with the process may be shorter.

If you need any additional information on anything featured on our website or just have a general query please use our contact form here.