Facilitation & Secretariat Services

It can be very difficult for a member of any team to both take part in and facilitate a meeting meaning that their contribution is often lost.  Having an independent facilitator means that you can ensure that everyone can get involved in your training session or discussion.

WDCVS has a team of trained facilitators with experience of designing and facilitating meetings and seminars. Our facilitators impartially guide groups and organisations through the thinking and decision making possibilities around an issue or challenge for them.  This can be through designing and facilitating a single event (e.g. a meeting, workshop or seminar) or support and guidance through a longer development process.

Our trained facilitators can support you in a range of different activities including:

  • Developing a new strategy
  • Planning a new project
  • Agreeing on actions and priorities
  • Team building
  • Developing partnerships
  • Problem solving
  • Resolving conflicts and differences.


How much does hiring a facilitator cost?

If you are interested in hiring a facilitator from us please get in touch. Although this is a chargeable service we will keep the cost as low as possible and will help you to source the funding to meet the charges.

What do you mean by secretariat services?

We appreciate that some organisations need support with the administration and communication side of their work. WDCVS can provide secretariat services at both local and national level. We can arrange meeting venues, attend and minute meetings and correspond with members and attendees on your behalf.  If you are interested in this style of service please get in touch.


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