Health Walks & Physical Activity

Health Walks
WDCVS has joined forces with Paths For All with the aim of increasing the awareness of the benefits of being physically active as well as encourage more people to become active and stay active through walking.

A health walk is a purposeful walk undertaken on a regular basis to improve health and are aimed at inactive people who would benefit most from doing more physical activity. Walks last less than an hour long and include a short warm up at the start, followed by a brisk walk and then a short cool down at the end.

Health Walks are offered on a regular basis so you can get the most benefit of the activity. The walks are led by a trained volunteer and the routes risk assessed to ensure your safety. For new walkers, there are short routes available.

Where do Health Walks take place?
WDCVS run a variety of regular weekly Health Walks across West Dunbartonshire.
Alexandria, Christie Park – Mondays at 9.45 am
Old Kilpatrick to Bowling – Mondays at 10.30 am
Clydebank – Thursdays at 10 am

If you are interested in joining a walk please call us in advance on 0141 941 0886.


How can I learn more about local walks?

Contact us and we will be able to help. We can link you with existing walks in the area or help you to start a new one.

Do I need to wear any special shoes or clothes?

No, that’s why walking is such an easy physical activity to get involved in. You don’t require any special equipment or expense, just a pair of comfortable shoes and suitable clothing…depending on the weather.

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