Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a way for health and social care professionals to make links between health services and more social opportunities in communities.  It helps to address people’s basic resource needs as a standard part of care – improving health not just managing disease.  Doctors and other healthcare providers know that basic resources needs directly impact the health of their patients.  But they typically don’t have the time or resources to address them.  To improve this, WDCVS is working with a range of partner agencies to make a broader case for integrating basic resources and community services into health and social care delivery improving health outcomes, community wellbeing and reducing social exclusion.

Q: Can our organisation get involved?

Yes, if you feel that your organisation can help support people access services and resources which will improve their quality of life.

Q: How do we get involved?

As part of our annual sector census, we ask if local groups are willing to participate in the scheme. This will mean that you agree to have details of your services published by WDCVS and that you agree to accept ‘referrals’ and signposted enquiries from us.  We will also need you to agree to participate in quarterly follow-up and reporting so that we can show the impact of the referrals.

Q: What can we gain from being part of the scheme?

The scheme will be able to link up your organisation with people in need of your services at an early stage – helping you to make the most impact you can for the good of West Dunbartonshire. We appreciate that this might mean an increase in workload so through our development team services we will also be able to help you with any new processes or funding applications you will need to make.

Q: Will we receive requests from different health and social care professionals?

Not directly. The referrals will come to WDCVS and we will then contact you. This is to allow us to take on most of the monitoring and reporting back activity for the project as a whole – cutting down your admin time and allowing you to focus on helping the users of your services.

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